We welcome you to our website! Highlyfavoreddivas.com

Divas, be sure to look around we've given the website a BBL, lol! Yes, we needed an entire body makeover to bring life and divaliciousness into this thang. We took our time and revamped, however, there may be a little cellulite here and there but that's fine, we will smooth those lumps and curves out as time progresses!

moving along...

Welcome to "The Diva Lounge"

Girl, what is that? We're giving out all the tea, crumpets, and donuts if you're nasty, lol! We'll discuss trendy fashion topics, and hawt pieces dropping. Sale items,low inventory, free giveaways! Mostly important, Motivational discussions.

Let's be honest, we need more businesses to support other companies. Yeah, we do that too!

Shout-outs will be mentioned every two weeks. There's enough money for us all, right?

In this room, this is your safe haven, be organic, express yourself but have integrity and respect for other divas.We don't ridicule anyone in here. We throw positive energy and not shade.
We are blessed and highly favored. We have the ingredients for a successful and stress-less life: Prayer, Faith, Integrity, and Motivation. 

Let's be fabulous together

Every Tuesday, a blog will be posted at 12:00a.m. Be sure to comment as we love to hear your feedback.
Every other Tuesday, we will pick 2-3 businesses to shout out, you must ensure that you have completed the following:
    • Follow us on Instagram and Tiktok @highlyfavoreddivas 
    • email us @ highlyfavoreddivas@gmail.com with the subject line "Business shout out" with details:
      1. Name of Business
      2. Type of Business
      3. Website
      Once you've read this welcome post be sure to comment below 
      "Hey Diva-friend"



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