Spring Time is Here!

Posted by xoxo on Mar 23rd 2021

Spring Time is here Divas!

What are you going to wear?

Where are you going for vacation?

Are you coping with the pandemic?

Hello, during this pandemic, what are you doing to stay fabulous? You can still be cute during this time, right?
Spring Time is here and the weather is great here in Michigan, which helps with all these COVID vibes! This was a real life-changer for us all but enough with that topic. Spring Time gives you that vibrant style pattern to match our DIVA Confidence, yasss! Divas love colorful patterns such as Peach and yellow, or turquoise and white. What is your favorite color scheme? We are in the process of getting new arrivals coming in April. We took this time to rejuvenate this brand into something better and sassy so tuned for that! Don't forget to have your wine and a smile during this time hold tight and wait for the new arrivals...Yes, honey!