Welcome to the Diva room

Posted by xoxo on Mar 3rd 2021

Hey Divas.....

Tell me....how are you coping with this pandemic? What are you doing to keep your divalicious mindset? Ok, we all were tried and tested to see if our minds would leave us and go on vacation! I lost it several times, but I called her on the phone and told her, we are one and we need each other unless you are taking me with you. I'm going to need you to get back here.... after the negotiation we reunited then we mediated. We had to discuss somethings with my creator and say hey what the heck is going on here. I have to wear these masks and it is messing up my makeup. I mean everyone looking like a surgeon or a robber I don't know if I need to run or get prepared for surgery.......pandemic attack! What the heck is this world coming to? God replied and said patience have patience but in the meantime play in your makeup, create new trends......busy yourself!

I said O.K. But your tone sounds a little bit aggressive, I'm already in a diva crisis.......

So that is what I did, we have new items coming soon for the Springtime so stay tuned.

So tell me, what season brings out the dopest divalism in you? Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, or are you an all-season kind of gale?